What is The Difference Between Tea and an Infusion?

We are asked the difference between teas and infusions quite often. The answer, you'll be happy to know, is a simple one.

Slightly confusing - teas and, so called, 'infusions' are both actually infused in hot water to release their flavours - so in that respect they are all infusions. 

However, teas are the leaves of the tea bush whereas infusions, often, contain little or no actual tea but a mixture of other tasty ingredients that we enjoy the flavour of such as our Strawberry and Kiwi or Moroccan Peppermint

Green teas are simply dried and cut natural leaves from the tea bush - unfermented and otherwise completely untreated.

Black teas start life as fresh green leaves picked from the top of the bush (the two newest leaves are always considered to provide the best flavours), often by hand, but then undergo a fermentation process which changes the flavour and the colour most of us are familiar with - a very dark blackish brown - so called 'black' tea with a deeper flavour and colour when brewed.

chamomile buds and flowers


Another great example is our pure chamomile infusion. The only ingredients are dried chamomile flowers and buds - and nothing else. Just add some to a cup or teapot, add boiling water and let it stand for a few minutes to allow the natural flavours to infuse the water.