Recipe for 'Better Than You Buy' Iced Coffee at Home | BlindMan Coffee

Easily make iced coffee far better than you can buy. It's dead easy and cheap to make.

Read on, iced coffee lover!

This is ridiculously simple and tastes way, way better - right to the bottom of the cup. 

However you make your coffee there’s often some left over that goes cold and you pour it down the sink. DON'T POUR IT DOWN THE SINK!

Grab a clean ice cube tray and make frozen coffee cubes. When you have cubes, put them in a box and make more!

When you want a delicious iced coffee, pop a few cubes into a glass and top up with cold milk. We love using oat milk here ( our favourite is Califia Farms it’s lovely and creamy). 

Instead of an ever weaker coffee as you drink, the coffee melts into the milk and even more flavour comes out - instead of that watery stuff left in the cup you throw in the bin.  

ice cube tray containing coffee

So now, instead of the ice melting and ruining the flavour - the longer you leave it, the better the flavour gets…instead of going weak and watery.

Another great benefit is that your coffee is always ready to use when you’re feeling hot and want an iced coffee. Simple. Enjoy!