Premium Coffee for Businesses

We are a supplier of exceptional quality coffee, loose leaf teas, hot chocolates and all the important sundry bits and pieces every coffee shop needs.

If you own or manage a café, coffee shop, hotel or pub that serves, or would like to serve, the very best quality coffee to your customers then we have all you need.

espresso machine pouring coffee

BlindMan Coffee will work with you to build your reputation, and profits, by serving drinks that are head and shoulders above your competitors and is actually the "best coffee in town" as many claim!

We have a range of coffees that are perfect for every customer preference, including six of our own bespoke blends (two of which are decaffeinated - a light and a dark roast), plus a collection of single origin coffees which are perfect to offer as a limited edition or guest coffee. 

coffee and cake

We can help you discover that world class, freshly roasted and professionally brewed coffee can bring happy, coffee loving, profit generating customers back to your business time and time again. 

  • All our coffee is freshly roasted to order. 
  • Businesses usually enjoy free next day delivery (subject to quantity)
  • Every bag of coffee carries a 'Roasted On' date so you know when it was roasted (usually yesterday!)
  • With your permission we will add you to our weekly call list to ensure you never run out of supplies. Customers love this as it is never a sales call and takes a job off the list!
  • Our coffees, teas and hot chocolates can all be supplied with the your own branding if you wish. 

If you are interested in chatting about how we can help - enter your contact details below. There is no obligation to go further than a chat and we'll respond usually within just a few hours.

Let us guide you to the next level.