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Why you can rely on our commitment to quality & service

You will see references to our Trustpilot 5★ 'Excellent' rating all over this website because they are the opinions of our satisfied customers - not just ours. You can completely rely on Trustpilot reviews and they are your reassurance that we perform in every way.

NEW | Two brand new dark roast Arabica blends for you to try out.

You asked us for dark roasts and we responded;

❖ ITALIAN BLEND is a very dark roast. The darkest in our range. A full strength Italian style coffee that is absolutely perfect if you prefer very full flavours.

❖ CONTINENTAL BLEND is a full dark roast. Not quite as dark as our new Italian Blend but think French Breakfast coffee and you have it. It's smooth, dark and strong enough to shine through lots of milk.


Rind is part of the highly successful London based company (The Cheese Bar), with a restaurant here in North Yorkshire. They know what great ingredients are and why it's so important to serve great coffee to their customers. They will only serve the best products. Rind serves our Blend No2. You should try some, too!


BMC is rated EXCELLENT on the well known industry-best review platform, Trustpilot. Our customers consistently award 5★ reviews for our outstanding products and customer service.

We achieve this rating because we love our products, our business and our customers. We don't spend lots of money on marketing, we manage our own modest website and we don't dangle free gifts or free P&P to tempt you to buy from us.

The cash to pay for these so-called free things would have to be found somewhere: either lowering the quality of our products or increasing our prices. Or a bit of both.

Neither is an acceptable option for us: we prefer to let our superb quality products speak for themselves. And that's why so many customers return time and time again and consistently give us 5★ Trustpilot reviews.

Learning: Professional barista advice to make your best espresso.

This is an essential, up-to-date technique for anyone who owns an espresso machine or is thinking of getting one. Whether you're a professional or home barista and you're not doing this you are not getting anywhere near the full potential from the coffee you're using. Learn how to make espresso properly; your customers and friends will thank you!

Search 'Espresso' in our FAQs section →

Loose leaf teas

NEW | Fresh loose leaf teas

If you love tea we have a fabulous new collection for you to enjoy. The flavours of our loose leaf black and green teas will surpass your expectations.

Click below to take a look

Natural Infusions

NEW | Our collection of infusions

For the times you just want a 100% natural, caffeine-free, flavour packed infusion. From Passionfruit & orange to Moroccan Peppermint and lemon & ginger we have you covered

What we're Drinking Right Now


We were asked for a super dark roast coffee. And here it is - a coffee reminiscent of the gorgeous morning espressos of Milan, Sorento and Rome.

This is our darkest roast. As always, it is 100% premium grade Arabica, freshly roasted to order and it tastes fabulous. Full, strong yet smooth coffee roasted until the coffee oils rise to the surface of each bean - and no further.

This is seriously good as an espresso but also works incredibly well in a cafetière!

Buy yours here ↗︎

Pro Barista advice: Brewing superb coffee in your cafetière

If you use a cafetière you're in good company - it's the most popular grind our customers request. And with a few basic pointers↗︎ you can make very good coffee indeed. Click Better Brewing Techniques (below) and type 'Cafetière' in the search box.

Pro Barista Advice: Brewing delicious coffee using filter/dripper

Filter brewing has been around forever - for good reason. It's simple & inexpensive. And with a few basic pointers↗︎ you can make very good coffee that's far better than most filter machines. Click Better Brewing Techniques (below) and type 'Filter' in the search box.


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Espresso Bundles for Less

When you love espresso but want to change things up a bit or just improve your coffee, which espresso blend are you going to choose?

To help we've created our first bundle which includes our three most popular espresso blends in 250g bags: No1, No2 (our coffee shop and restaurant customers' favourite choice) and No3.

You'll make a saving of 14% compared to the usual full combined price and, as always, every bean is freshly roasted to order.

Our New Stuff

NEW | Digital Gift Cards

From just £15 you can now buy gift cards to treat your friends to superb quality, freshly roasted Arabica coffees, a whole range of fresh teas and infusions and sumptuous drinking chocolates. Fabulous, ultra convenient gifts they'll love, for everyone for all occasions.

Purchase digital gift cards [here] in your preferred amount from £15 to £100 and they are instantly sent to your or your friend's device directly - by email or SMS as you wish. The balance on the card can be applied to P&P and they are valid for a full 12 months.

Image of our chamomile infusion

NEW | Natural Chamomile Infusion

If you want something light and refreshing to drink without the caffeine, try our 100% caffeine-free classic chamomile infusion ↗︎

It's simply natural chamomile flowers and buds. A very popular, light infusion renowned for its calming and restorative properties that make it ideal for drinking any time - including bedtime.

Use boiling water and brew for the depth of flavour you enjoy.

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Questions about us? Who we are? Is the stuff we sell as good as we claim?

If you have just come across us for the first time you may be wondering why you should buy from us.

At BMC our professional roasters have been roasting the highest quality beans for decades. Their long experience, commitment to quality and care for what they, and we, do every day is key to our business.

We urge you to try our coffee: it's freshly, professionally roasted for every order.

To find more about us and our products click 'Your FAQs Answered' below.

If you think coffee is just coffee...let us change your mind!

We are a small independent coffee company with a wealth of experience of sourcing, expertly roasting and blending some of the best coffee beans from around the globe.

If you would like to serve beautiful smooth fresh coffee at home or for your business, we give you the opportunity to buy some of the very best available. Every bag is freshly roasted to order and delivered to you as either whole beans or correctly ground to suit how you brew.

If you run or manage a business and would love the opportunity to build your reputation and your business with the best coffee for miles but not sure how to start, we'll help you with that. Start the conversation and click 'For Business' at the top of the page.

Browse and buy our superb coffees here →
Rich espresso pouring from a group handle.


Fabulous filter coffee

Here's a great tip: you can make outstanding coffee using a simple filter...but which filters are best?

Yes, the humble paper filter! Really easy to use, cost next to nothing and a quick way to make great tasting coffee.

Here's a tip: paper filter are available in bleached and unbleached versions so which should you buy? Find out here.

Top view of many different kinds of cups of coffee

Your cup of coffee is only ever as good as you make it and you can make REALLY good coffee (check out our expert brewing tips)

You don't need fancy equipment or a science degree to make fantastic memorable coffee. You don't even need a grinder at home because we can send yours out ground to perfection. With just a few of our straight forward tips and pointers we will guide you towards making coffee your friends will remember you for.

Check out our expert brewing tips here

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