How to Use an Aeropress - Properly | BlindMan Coffee

Some people love the Aeropress while others just can't get on with them. Essentially, it resembles a giant syringe. They're a combination of a filter, cafetière and espresso gadget - the coffee steeps in the chamber before being forced under pressure through a filter paper into the cup. 

We think an Aeropress is a great invention for all sorts  of reasons - not least, they can brew great;
  • They're made of plastic which makes them durable enough to take travelling without delicate glass parts. If you're going caravaning, hiking or fishing , you can still have excellent coffee. 
  • An Aeropress is really easy to clean!
  • A downside is that you can only make a small amount of coffee at a time. 

So How Do You Use One?

  • First thing is to boil the amount of fresh cold water you're going to need for brewing. 
  • Undo the perforated black plastic part at one end, then pull out the inner cylinder.
  • Take the black perforated part, place an Aeropress filter paper inside, wet it (so it will stay in place) and reattach it to the larger cylinder. Then stand that assembly upright so it stands on the black plastic part.  
  • Add your ground coffee into the upright cylinder, pour in your hot water and push the plunger part into the top. This is now the brewing stage. 
  • If you have used finely ground coffee, place the Aeropress on the top of a sturdy cup and plunge straight away. 
  • If you have used coarser (cafetière or filter) ground coffee, then allow brewing time as you normally would for those methods - them plunge into a cup. 
  • That's it! Take it apart, clean and go again!