Who Is BlindMan Coffee?

A very warm welcome to BlindMan Coffee.

The name ‘BlindMan Coffee’ is unusual, we know. - so we thought some clarification a good idea. After all, everyone wants to know who they’re dealing with.

In short, it has come about as a result of a life lived closely connected to excellent coffee one way or another, followed by the news that I, Mike, am losing my sight.

Many moons ago, I lived in Brazil - the largest producer of coffee on the planet. There, I really began to understand the enormous pleasures of truly great coffee - not the everyday mass produced, big brand stuff but the precious crops grown by small farmers and their families - that's the kind of coffee you will find on this website.

The Brazilians drink coffee like the British drink tea - it's always generously offered - everywhere!

Back in the UK, I set up my Brighton coffee shop/deli where we sourced our coffee beans from Richard, a very particular and talented local artisanal roaster. 

Not long after I was told I was losing my sight (hence the name!) and the concept of BlindMan Coffee emerged. That is...putting my many years of experience of the highest quality coffee to work to make a selection of beautiful coffees available to everyone. 

We hope you enjoy our world class coffee and if you need any advice about the brewing process we offer lots of it, no matter how you brew, whether you use a cafetière, filter, espresso or any other method you prefer.