What is Single Origin Coffee?

coffee described as 'Single Origin' is one that is grown in a single identifiable place such as a particular coffee growing estate or farm in a particular, geographic region or country. 

Some of the names can seem complicated but when we realise they are just descriptions to help us zoom in on where the coffee was grown it becomes clear.

Take one of our 100% Arabica 'Single Origin' coffees for example... 'Sumatra Lintong Toba'! 

top view of circle of sumatra lintong coffee beans

These beans are grown on the tropical Indonesian island of Sumatra, in a district called Lintong Nihuta, which is itself located south west of the largest volcanic lake in the world -Lake Toba. So there you have it... Sumatra Lintong Toba.

"Sumatra produces coffee of such high quality it is sometimes known as The Island of Liquid Gold"!

Brazil is the largest producer of coffee in the world and produces this single origin - Brazil Santos - which a soft smooth arabica coffee. It makes an excellent mild espresso and brilliant for everyone who prefers a nutty, chocolatey coffee with low acidity. This is a popular easy drinking coffee enjoyed by millions throughout the world.

In the southeast region of Brazil, lie the city and port of Santos - the largest seaport in the whole of Latin America and where the many hundreds of small coffee farmers come together as a cooperative sell their coffee for export.

When you buy a single origin coffee you will be experiencing the true provenance and flavour characteristics of a natural product. Coffees from different places may possess quite different and individual flavour profiles.

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