Why Trustpilot For Our Reviews?

We think being honest with our customers is the only way. But here's a thing we bet you didn't know about the reviews we all rely on when deciding whether to buy something...

Many review platforms send customer reviews to the business first so they can either edit the wording or delete it altogether if it's not a good one. We think that's a bit ridiculous.

We think reviews are there so that everyone can see what products and the company are really like, so you can decide for yourself if the company's claims about their performance and products are honest, genuine and transparent. 

When a customer very kindly takes a couple of minutes to send a review about us, they are sending it directly to Trustpilot - not to us so we can edit it to make it look better! 

All our reviews are genuine, transparent, totally upfront and unedited - we can't speak for everyone else!