How much coffee is best for me to buy at one go?

by Mike Stobart

This is a really good question that we are asked regularly and it's a two part answer...

From a freshness point of view; every single bag of BlindMan Coffee is roasted, packed and sealed on the day it is dispatched to you, which means when you receive it you can be certain it simply could not be fresher. We demonstrate this to you with a 'Roasted on:' date on every label. The date is printed as the bags are labelled as your coffee beans are roasting! (See the picture below to see what we mean).

Image of the label on a bag of BlindMan Coffee Blend No1 showing the Roasted on date.

So if you use, say, a 250g bag per week and buy a month's supply (four 250g bags), your fourth bag was roasted and sealed only four weeks ago so it's still super fresh and packed full of its delicious flavours and aromas! And from a cost point of view; we have customers who pool their orders with friends to take advantage of reduced shipping cost per bag ie they buy a batch between them and simply split the delivery charge. For example; when they buy six x 250g bags, it works out at just under 80p shipping per bag.