About Our Eco Friendly Packaging.

by Mike Stobart

First of all, thank you for your interest in our new environmentally friendly packaging option and second; please read on to find out what you need to do to store your coffee when you choose non-plastic packaging. Our traditional foil film lined plastic bags are still the default option because the choice is yours, but we think that reducing plastic in our environment, if and where we practically can, is a good move.
It's fair to say we're not Eco-Warriors and no one of us can solve the problem alone, but if we all do a bit, jointly, we might make a difference 
As you read, your freshly roasted coffee will be packed in 100% food grade paper bags which are then packed in unbleached cardboard boxes which are sealed with paper tape - all of which are readily recycled by local authorities all across the country. If we have a space to fill in any of our boxes, we use so called “void fill quavers” made from vegetable starch which  are compostable with no nasty decomposition byproducts. You can compost them on your own compost heap or they can be sent to landfill with a clear conscience. 
You do need to be aware of one important factor though;

Just like other foodstuffs, coffee goes stale when it come into contact with oxygen in the air.  Our usual plastic and metal film packaging provides a strong barrier against oxygen and our products can be kept in it for a number of months.  Unfortunately, it is not recyclable and as it has a hard plastic components, which is the little circular gas release valve near the top of the bag (if you’ve ever wondered what that thing is…now you know!).

If you choose to "EcoGreen", the paper bags will NOT provide any oxygen barrier and you MUST put your coffee in an airtight container such as a clean glass jar with tight fitting lid, a lidded plastic food storage box or perhaps a large zip type polythene food bag that can be reused over and over for this purpose. Store your coffee this way as soon as possible after your receive it or it will go stale very quickly.  The few days it takes to transport them to you will not have any noticeable effect on freshness as they are still pushing out the gases freed during the roasting process, but leaving them in their paper packaging will!  We don't think this is too high a price to pay for environmentally friendly packaging, but the choice is yours - just select 'Yes" on the drop-down menu when selecting your product options as usual.

Finally, we use Royal Mail and DPD to deliver all of our orders small and large respectively. These two companies have been ranked in the top three carbon conscious delivery companies and you can read the report here Money.co.uk.

We are proud to offer our customers this option and hope some of you will enjoy using this service.